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                                                                    About Us

Our  History

The genesis of the English service can be traced to the visits of Rev John Ling to my clinic in 1993, when he would faithfully preach Christ and invite me to attend the Kemaman Presbyterian Church where he was the pastor. Because the church had only a Chinese service, I declined, as neither my wife nor I could speak or understand Mandarin. After much prayer, he decided to seek help from Rev Timothy Tow.

God answered his prayers. The first English service of the Kemaman Presbyterian Church was held on 1 Jul 94, inaugurated by Rev Timothy Tow. We had a worship service every Friday night. Other activities included weekly Bible studies for children and adults, gospel rallies and church camps.
On 30 Mar 98, Rev John Ling had to go to Singapore for heart treatment and he resigned from the Kemaman Presbyterian Church.


On 30 May 98 we had a congregational meeting to decide whether to be linked to Life Bible- Presbyterian Church or to the synod of the Malaysian Presbyterian Churches, which sought to bring us under their wing. The majority voted to remain with Life B-P Church because of our commitment to the separatist stand. As a result, on 12 Jun 98 we moved out to worship in a house church at 2346 Taman Bersekutu, Kemaman, together with some worshippers from the Chinese congregation. That group of Chinese speaking brethren became the pioneers of our Chinese congregation. The Chinese congregation was ministered by Rev Kim Kah Teck, who was the minister from Peace B-P Church, Kuantan.

In January 2000, we moved to our present address at 573 Jalan Che Teng, as we needed more room. This present building is a shop lot with ample space for church growth if the Lord wills. The Chinese congregation worships at 8pm every Friday at the same time as the English congregation which worships on the first floor. After the worship services the two congregations share the fellowship tea on the ground floor.


Four years later, on 27 May 04 we dissociated ourselves from Life B-P Church because of our commitment to the VPP doctrine. When we saw Rev Timothy Tow fighting for the VPP stand, we declared we were with him and we decided to be aligned to True Life B-P Church.
Today, we take this opportunity to thank Dr Jeffrey Khoo for his labour of love for arranging the preachers’ schedule, for many hours of prayers for our well-being in the Lord, for advice given to us, for sweet fellowship, for preaching here and teaching our youths in our weekly Bible study meetings and for more things that words cannot express. We also want to thank all the speakers who willingly labour to come to Kemaman to preach and to teach us. May the Lord prosper the work of their hands. It is indeed a long and narrow road to Kemaman. It is not easy to sit up almost all night in a cold bus to reach here. Indeed we are thankful. We are also thankful for the Board of Elders of True Life B-P Church for all assistance, love gifts and prayers for us. Indeed we are not alone in the battle for the lost.

Our Future

Our future is in God’s hand. We see a trend in which the English congregation is getting smaller and the Chinese congregation increasing. This trend is now seen even in our weekly Bible study meetings where we teach in English or Chinese. The Chinese group is twice as big. So our future preachers and evangelists must be equipped with the Chinese language. We are praying for a full-time pastor here who is fluent in Chinese. May the Lord supply all our needs as we labour on for the Lord.
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